Absence and Tardiness

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Please call the school nurse and notify the nurse if your child is going to be absent on a given day. If your child will be late coming to school, please call the Main Office. Also, if your child is late coming to school, please have them come to the Main Office first for a late pass before going to their Homeroom.

In addition, all students who are tardy or who have been absent are required to bring a note from a parent, stating the reason for the tardiness or absence. According to the school laws of New Jersey, all absences are unexcused except those caused by illness of the pupil, quarantine, death in the immediate family or religious observances.

Every effort should be made to have your child attend school regularly. Frequent absences can be detrimental to your child's progress. We ask that you try not to schedule vacations or trips that may necessitate taking your child out of school during the regular school year. However, if it becomes necessary for you to do so, it will be the responsibility of the parent and child to see that all missed class work is made up.

You are requested not to ask to have your child excused early except in the case of an emergency. Such a request should be written, giving the reason for it. Parents are urged to plan eye, dental and other medical examinations after school hours or during school recess whenever possible.

As a safety precaution, children excused from school must be called for at the school office by a parent or guardian.