Grade 1- May Assignment

Grade 1-

Fill in the attached color wheel

Color Scavenger Hunt


Have fun trying this roll-a-face game.


Week 2:


Week 3:

 Draw a leopard or tiger

Children will choose which animal they would like to draw.Using a 9x12 paper, holding it vertically draw with pencil.

-draw a triangle on bottom of the paper.(this is the body)

-draw another smaller triangle on top of the first one upside down.(this is the head)

-2 small triangles will be drawn on top of the head for ears.

-add a tail, to the bottom triangle, right or left side.

-eyes can be added.

-for the nose,I drew upside down #3 and close the top.( add whiskers)

-Draw a letter U, for the mouth.

-color using crayons

-leopard=yellow and black with spots/ tiger=orange and black with triangles

-more triangles can be colored and cut from another piece of paper, glue to create a jungle effect.

See examples...

tiger leopard


Week 4

Alphabet Art       inspired by Stuart Davis

- Using a 9x12 white paper and pencil, paper can be held either way.

-Draw a large letter with a pencil.It does not need to be centered or upright.

- Add more letters to create new shapes.Use capital or lower case letters.Spell your name if you like or any letters.Letters can be repeated. Letters do have to touch one another.

-Fill your paper with your letter designs.Then use a black marker or crayon to go over all pencil lines of the letters.

-Add color using crayons,and not all letters have to be colored. 

-See examples

alphabet art

pencil alphabet art

Week: 5  Found object collage   ( Collage-a piece of art made from various objects)

-Children will use a 9x12 paper and pencil.

-Use between 10 to 12 objects and trace them on your paper.Objects that you find around your house.  (please ask permission)

-Objects can overlap.(this means things can be traced over each other)

-Use your crayons and color- everytime an object overlaps-you change color. (see example)collage collage

Week: 6   ( April 27- May 1)

Turtle Art

-On a 9x12 white paper draw a circle - you can trace a plastic cereal bowl.( like I did- about 5-6 inches)

-Next draw half circles or ovals for feet, a triangle will be the tail.

-For the head you can draw a square with an oval on top-or trace a wooden spoon.

-Now color your background use crayons or markers.

-Now begin your turtle, a good color to use is green. Please choose any color, just use the same for the for the head,feet and tail.

-Now have fun coloring in the shell. See examples

.turtle turtle

Week: 7


-Use a large paper plate or trace a plate approx. 9 inch, and cut this circle out.(if your tracing)

-Now fold the paperplate in half, cut along the fold. You now have two pieces, on the straight side of one using a pencil draw another half circle. This will be the blanket, color using markers or crayons.

*On the second half of the plate you will create a neck/head, 4 legs and a tail.

-With the other half of the plate, draw a rectagle with an oval on top for his head.On the head don't forget to draw two small ovals or upside down U for ears.

-On the remaining plate draw 4 rectangles for legs,round off one side for the feet. The rounded off side can be colored in as the feet.

-Draw a medium to small oval for the tail.

-Glue neck, legs and tail on the back of the plate.

-Add one eye to the profile, mouth ,nose and last decorate the neck. See example.llama

Week: 8     Dragonfly

-Children will use a 9x12 white paper and pencil. Paper will be held vertically.

-Draw a thin oval for the body,another oval for the tail, and a circle for the head. 

-Draw two wings on each side attached to the body. See example.

-Color using crayons. Add antennas to the head.

-Choose the body or wings and add aluminun foil. This will give them an iridescent look that most males have.dragonfly dragonfly dragonfly


Week : 9    Ladybug

-Using a white 9x12 paper, held vertically.

-Color using a green crayon to represent grass. The paper will be colored about 3/4 of the way in green.(approx.7 inches across) See example.

-On the remaining white paper area, draw 4 ovals of different sizes. These will be your ladybugs. Ladybugs will be red and black. More than half of the ladybug is red, then add black for the head. Add a line down the middle and spots on her back.

-Begin cutting out ladybugs, set aside. Now cut the green colored paper into triangle shapes, some tall and some short. Try to use all your paper.

-On a second sheet of white paper begin gluing down the green strips, even overlapping some.

-Glue your ladybugs, and your finished

.ladybugs ladybug

Week: 10

Sailing sailboat

- Children will use a paper plate (if you don't have a paper plate just trace a plate size circle).

-Color half of the plate in yellow for the sky and half blue for water. The water can show waves, you might not want to color a straight line.

-On a piece of paper draw a half oval (smaller than the plate), this will be your boat and color .

-On the same paper draw two triangles, one smaller than the other.These will be your sails.

-In the water area of the plate-half way down cut a wavy line. Do not go cut into the edges.

-Use a pencil, popsicle stick or I used a skewer this is where you attach the boat. I used tape to adhear the triangles on one end of your stick. Also on the stick add the boat with tape on the back.

 -Now slide the stick into the cut of the plate and watch it sail. Have fun. See example.sailboat

Week: 11


-On a 9x12 paper holding it vertically, children will draw using a pencil.

-In the middle of your paper draw a letter J with another J in front of it, a little space in between.

-Connect the two letters on top with a rounded top for the head.

-Add a beck, which is a side letter J. Add a letter C for the eye are near the beak.

- Add a tail, which is like a W shape, Also a water drop shape for the wing on his back.

-Add two legs, with feet which is similar as the tail shape ( a W).

-Draw a line under his feet as a branch, and color using crayons.

-See examplestoucan toucan

Week:  12

Patriotic Art    -On June 14 we will be celebrating Flag Day.It commemorates the adoptionof the flag to the U.S. on June 14, 1777, by the resolution of the Second Continentail Congress.

-Children will use a white 9x12 paper,this can be held vertically or horizontal depending on their artwork.

-An image /picture will be drawn in pencil.

-Only using red and blue crayons, color will be added to their picture to resemble the American flag.

-See examples.

flower heart