Kindergarten- May Assignment


Practice drawing shapes. Trace first and then draw independently.

Shapes Practice Sheet


Week 2

Have your child use any color paper (other than white) and hold it vertically or horizontally.

Start from the bottom up using crayons or markers (brown or green) and draw lines. (See examples below)

Use cotton balls (4- pulling apart and rolling).  Great for fine motor skills.  (You can use tissue or tissue paper if you do not have cotton balls)

Use glue randomly (students know- just a dot, not a lot) and attach cotton balls to their artwork making a springtime project.

Pussy Willows Pussy Willows (marker)

 Another Fun Activity...

Shape Tracing Activity Shape Tracing Activity Shape Tracing Activity Shape Tracing Activity

fish Week: 3


Draw a Pig

Children will draw a pig, on white paper. Holding the paper vertically, draw a large circle.( this is the body)

-draw a smaller circle inside the large one. ( this is th head)

-triangles will be drawn on top of the head.

-circles for the eyes.

-oval for the nose, with circles inside the oval for nostrils.

-draw 2 rectangles for legs ,add squares on the bottom of rectangles for feet.

-add tail.  Color    See example :


Week: 4

Castle        Inspired by artist Paul Klee  "Castle and Sun" ( he used geometric shapes, this painting was considered abstract art)

-Use a white paper 9x12, holding it vertical or horizontally.

-Using crayons color stripes (approx.2x12) or squares (3x4) each area should have one color.

-Then cut them out into shapes, triangles, rectangles, squares, circles and begin laying them out to create a castle.

-Once in place glue them down, have fun!     See examples

.castle castle


Week: 5

Hot air balloon               Inspired by watercolorist Lesley Oliver

-Using a paper plate, small or large. Color the back side of the plate using markers or crayons.

-Make patterns, lines, and shapes using lots of colors.( see example)

-If you have blue construction paper or use crayons to color a white paper blue.

-Holding your paper vertically glue the plate down, artwok side facing up.

-On half a sheet of paper (approx.4x6) / color the paper yellow then brown lines ontop to create a large tic tac toe board.

-Cut yellow and brown paper into a square, this will be your basket. Glue this square to the bottom of your paper.

-Add two lines one on each side to connect the balloon to the air balloon

Week: 6   Umbrella          ( April 27 - May 1)

-Using a white 9x12 paper, hold your paper vertically / up and down.

-Using a pencil, draw a half circle. I traced a paper plate. It will look like a rainbow.

-Next draw a wiggly line on the bottom side.

-Then draw a line down the middle of the umbrella, and a line down each side. The side lines should start in the middle.

-Draw a big letter J for the handle.

-Using crayons color your umbrella, have fun. See example.

-Color your background blue for the sky.

- Ask mom or dad for a small piece of foil, you can cut or tear pieces. Glue these down for your raindrops.

umbrella  umbrella

Week: 7


- Please use a lunch size bag, have your child color the bag using lines and shapes. If you do not have a bag you can use a tiolet paper tube or two paper plates back to back (if your using plates once colored staple them together). If your using a toilet paper tube color a paper then cover and glue it to the tube.

-In honor of Cinco de Mayo you can use the colors of the Mexican flag green, white and red. Just a thought.

-Inside the bag you can use dry pasta or dry beans.

-For the handle you can use a pencil, a skewer,or a wooden spoon. Gather the bag and tie with any kind of string.(yarn,ribbon,)maraca maraca complete

Week :  8      Robots

-Children will use a 9x12 white paper. using crayons color one color ,in strips or squares. This project is similar to the castle project. See example of colored paper.

-Please use another sheet of white paper held vertically,this will be your background. Cut each color out of the colored sheet.

Using geometric shapes ( circles, squares,rectangles and triangles) Create a robot.

-Place the shapes down on paper for placement, then glue . White glue or glue stick will work. Have fun, see examples.colors for robot robot robot

Week:  9

Pattern Handprints

-Using 9x12 white paper and pencil, place your hand on the paper and trace it. Trace a total of three or four hands, you might need a second sheet of paper.

-All hands will be cut out, and colored. You can color first then cut also.

-Color each hand with one color crayon and one pattern. See examples.

-If you have a different color paper /or white, glue your hands in an interesting way.hands hands 2 hands 2


Week : 10

Rocking Snail

-Children will use a 9x12 white paper (if possible a thicker sheet of paper) Fold it in half from top to bottom.

-With paper folded in half draw a half circle, I used a plate to trace around. The middle of the plate should be on the fold.

-Cut the half circle shape out, keeping it folded in half and color one side of it.

-Now trace one more circle (I used a cereal bowl to trace). Color it in, one different color.

-Glue small circle on the fold of the large circle, half will be off the paper.

-Add eyes by drawing two small circles with rectangles attached to them. Color and glue to the back of the folded part of the snail.

- Draw a smile under the eyes in front of the circle. On the back circle draw a spiral and add small lines. See example.snail

Week:  11

Icepops primary and secondary colors

-Using two sheets of 9x12 paper, children can fold one sheet of paper in 3.

-Draw a large U shape on one of the thirds and draw a straight line across the top of the U.

-Cut the U shapes out, keeping the paper folded to create three exact popsicles.

-Draw 2 lines on each popsicle to divide each popsicle into 3.

-Each popsicle should have 2 primary colors one on top, and one on the bottom. The middle should be the secondary color it creates.

-Glue them on to the second sheet of paper, holding your paper horizontally. If you have popsicle sticks glue them on, or you can draw a stick under each popsicle.

-See example.popsicles

Week:  12

Patriotic Art      - On June 14 we will be celebrating Flag Day. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the U.S. on June 14, 1777, by resolution of

the  Second Continental Congress.

-Children will use a white 9x12 paper, this can be held vertically or horizontal depending on their artwork.

-An image /picture will be drawn in pencil.

-Only using red and blue crayons, color will be added to their picture to resemble the American flag.

- See examples

kk heart