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H.I.B. and Anti- Bullying

In January 2011, New Jersey implemented a new "Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights." In accordance with this new law districts are required to establish the positions of District Anti-Bullying Coordinator, School Anti-Bullying Specialist and each school is required to establish a school Safety Team.  Below you will find contact information for all of our district and school personnel.
Hillsdale Public Schools- AntiBullying Coordinator
Mrs. AnneMarie Oliveri
Supervisor of Special Services
32 Ruckman Road
Hillsdale, NJ 07642
Ann Blanche Smith School Anti-Bullying Specialist
Mr. Allen Saslowsky
Ann Blanche Elementary School
1000 Hillsdale Avenue
Hillsdale, NJ  07642
Ann Blanche Smith School Safety Team
Mrs. Angela Iskenderian      
Mr. Allen Saslowsky             
Mrs. Christine Barnhart       
Mrs. Donna Rosenbaum     
Mrs. Rose Bauerle               
Mrs. Melissa Lucido             
Mrs Michelle Coombs          
Mrs. Jessica Balzano           
Mrs. Jenna Santana             
Mrs. Gina Stern                                (Parent Representative)
Click on the link below to view district policy 5131.2: