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H.I.B and Anti-Bullying

00New Jersey has implemented an "Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights." In accordance with this new law districts are required to establish the positions of District Anti-Bullying Coordinator, School Anti-Bullying Specialist and each school is required to establish a School Safety Team. Below you will find contact information for all of our district and school personnel.
Hillsdale Public Schools - Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Mrs. AnneMarie Oliveri
Supervisor of Special Services
32 Ruckman Road
Hillsdale, NJ 07642
Meadowbrook School Anti-Bullying Specialist
Ms. Deanna Nelsen-DeFalco
Guidance Counselor
Meadowbrook Elementary School
50 Piermont Avenue
Hillsdale, NJ 07642
Meadowbrook School Safety Team
Ms. Deanna Nelsen-DeFalco
Mr. Christopher 
Mrs. Eileen Thomas
Ms. Lauren Lio
Mrs. Claudia Gibney Grade
Ms. Tracey AldertonGrade
Mrs. Heidi Markell Grade
Ms. Sara Criscuolo Grade
Mrs. Lisa Lang                Specialist
Mrs. Nancy Smith Special
Mrs. Kathy Viceconte Parent Rep.
Click the link below to view district policy 5131.2: