Welcome to the Health Office

    Our School Nurse's Contact Information is:


    Mrs. Rosalyn Kessler, MSN, RN, NJ-CSN      

    Meadowbrook School  

    Phone: 201.358.4781 

    Fax # 201.664.6132

    Email: rkessler@hillsdaleschools.com


    Services Provided By School Nurses Include:

    1.     Promotion of healthy life styles.

    2.     Health care counseling or guidance to students, families, staff and community.

    3.     Identification of health concerns by observation and assessment of needs.

    4.     Provision of appropriate care with evaluation.

    5.     Management of medication.

    6.     Immunization verification according to state guideline requirements.

    7.     Performance of screenings: Height and weight measurement, vision, hearing,  

            scoliosis and blood pressure as needed.