• Dear Parents: 

    Welcome to the Hillsdale Public School District! Hillsdale is a place where critical thinking, collaboration, kindness and creativity will create a culture of lifelong learning in each child. It is the mission of the Hillsdale School District to empower each learner with an exceptional education foundation to help that child reach his or her full potential.

    The presence of a safe and engaging learning environment remains a paramount goal in Hillsdale. My wish is for our students to be excited about learning on a daily basis. A learning environment rich in content that allows students to interact with one another and make connections to the real-world will foster an interest and love of learning. The resources of our district and the expertise of the staff have allowed for children of all ages to interact with technology in their classroom or on a 1:1 basis. This exposure will help them to hone their digital skills while preparing them for the tasks and challenges of tomorrow.

    We are preparing our students for the next level of learning and beyond. The partnerships that we have are essential to the success of our children. The commitment of the schools, parents, Board of Education and community groups all foster success and opportunity in the leaders and innovators of the future.

    As the new school year opens, I look forward to meeting the students, seeing them love learning and watching as they achieve. I want each learner to feel connected to the schools in Hillsdale, to be excited about coming to school each day, to exercise kindness and compassion and to work their hardest. I look forward to celebrating their growth in learning and character throughout the school year.



    Robert V. Lombardy Jr., Ed.S.

    Superintendent of Schools