• Meadowbrook School

    50 Piermont Ave

    Hillsdale, NJ 07642


    Meadowbrook School is a student-focused pre-kindergarten through grade four public elementary school where learning comes alive. It is a school where the principal, teachers, parents, and students learn side by side. The students at Meadowbrook School are successful because of the unique partnership between their homes and the school. The students know that the school is an extension of their home, a place where adults care about what happens in their lives. Students feel safe at school and enjoy building social relationships and developing their individual and group social skills. The parents, teachers, ancillary staff, and the administration work to ensure that all students are learning and meeting their individualized goals.

    The Hillsdale School District has always aligned instructional practices with high academic standards. Children are encouraged to work above and beyond what is comfortable and stretch to reach the raised academic “bar”. Our highly qualified professional teaching staff uses research-based, effective teaching strategies to address our students’ learning needs. The students of Meadowbrook School are able to learn through a variety of modalities. Teachers identify the learning strengths of their students and incorporate learning activities that address the students’ strengths and develop their areas of need. Our instructional models include teacher-directed learning, student-led learning, cooperative learning activities, independent learning activities, reading and writing across the curriculum, incorporating the preferred learning styles and modalities of all of the students and including differentiated instruction, tired activities in all lessons, and assessment opportunities for all students. Our priorities also include promoting self-esteem and good character. Students participate in age-appropriate monthly community service projects, which allow a sense of pride to do something for nothing in return. Due to these efforts, our school was recognized as a “New Jersey Honorable Mention School of Character” by the Association of Social, Emotional, and Character Development in 2015, and a "New Jersey Emerging School of Character" in 2014. In 2022, Meadowbrook was classified as a "Best Elementary School" by U.S. News and World Report, and in 2023, was mentioned in a list of "New Jersey's Top 30 Schools."

    Teachers in Meadowbrook School meet with their grade-level peers at Meadowbrook weekly and with their district-level peers once a month. These collaborative meetings provide the teachers with an opportunity to discuss and develop new ways to address the core curriculum standards in their daily lessons. The teachers and administration at Meadowbrook School continually work to enrich the curriculum for all students. The teachers also continue to learn new and innovative ways to enrich instruction for their children through attending graduate school, local workshops, and their participation in the professional development offered by the school district.

    The Meadowbrook community consistently reviews the curriculum to find ways to enrich it for our students. As technology becomes increasingly important in the world, it continues to be a priority at Meadowbrook School. Our professional dialogues include the topic of technology infusion in the elementary classroom. The use of Chromebooks. laptops, iPads, SMART boards, and Interactive Projectors are frequently incorporated into classroom lessons to enhance instruction.

    Partnering with parents is a vital practice at Meadowbrook School. At the monthly Meadowbrook Family Faculty Association (MFFA) meetings, the principal and teacher liaison share with the parents the wonderful news about teaching and learning at our school. The MFFA also provides many programs that are an extension of the curriculum. Throughout the year, our parent group sponsors cultural arts assemblies that highlight aesthetic academic connections to our curriculum. Finally, parents are able to participate in surveys provided throughout the year, which focus on the school environment, instructional strategies, character education, diversity, and inclusivity.

    The community is involved in Meadowbrook School through a number of programs that enrich the students’ educational experiences. Parent volunteers are an integral part of our school. The services provided by our volunteers solidify that essential relationship that makes our school unique. We have established an open, friendly, non-threatening environment that is conducive to the success of our students and the involvement of the greater community. 

    Christopher R. Bell