The Ann Blanche Smith School Community fosters a positive and nurturing climate in which our students, parents, faculty and staff feel welcome, safe and supported. We are committed to discovering each child’s unique potential by addressing individual social, emotional and academic needs. It is our desire that each of our students will develop a love for learning that will inspire them throughout their lives.
    Our parents are an integral part of our school family. Parents are our partners in education and are truly involved in each aspect of our school. The Ann Blanche Smith School has an extensive parent volunteer program and a very supportive and actively involved Parent Teacher Association. Each school year this group generates many programs that provide enriching learning experiences for the children. Some of our activities include: reading incentive programs, book clubs, food drives, regularly scheduled assembly programs and our Smith School Variety Show showcasing the gifts and talents of our students. In addition to these programs, the PTA organizes a vast number of volunteers. Parents of the students can be seen working in the library and in classrooms, contributing to the various programs of our school on any given day.

    Our teaching staff is represented by a group of individuals who possess a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, creating a rich foundation for our students. They meet together regularly to discuss curriculum and program offerings. They are dedicated to the belief that our goal of academic excellence is achieved when people work together collectively for a shared meaningful purpose, the education of our children. They do this daily by creating a positive, supportive and challenging environment that increases the desire and ability of all students to learn. They instill in every child the importance of self-worth and respect through acts of kindness, good citizenship and a positive attitude.

    Within our school setting, every phase of instruction is guided by meaningful, rigorous curriculum. Each subject’s curriculum is based on the New Jersey Department of Education’s Core Curriculum Content Standards. Our students’ mastery of concepts and skills presented in each curriculum area is always measured using quantitative and qualitative methods of evaluation. Through total school efforts, our curricula grows in dimension to serve the purposes of the population for whom it is written. Also, each curriculum area is carefully reviewed, revised, rewritten and updated to promote positive and rewarding learning experiences for our students.

    Our school continues to emphasize the importance of writing across the curriculum. Our teachers implement Writing Workshop beginning in kindergarten. This writing process is a meaningful part of the classroom curriculum. Students in grades K - 4 write daily through a variety of creative and motivating activities. Students are able to use writing mechanics comfortably. They think critically to develop a process for developing expression and strategies for revision and skills in an independent and fluent manner. Students are constantly challenged to expand their ideas and develop a keen awareness for writing of different genres for varied audiences. The integration of technology is essential in all aspects of the writing process. Software, such as Kidspiration, enhances prewriting activities. Students can easily revise and publish their final written work with the use of computers.

    Our technology initiative enables all of our teachers to utilize technology to enhance instruction. All of our classrooms have Internet access and our school is equipped with a state-of-the-art computer lab as well as laptops on carts and mobile Smartboards. Our school website is updated regularly and each teacher maintains a classroom webpage that can be easily accessed by parents and students. Our school-based Computer Facilitator continues to work with our teachers regularly to ensure successful implementation of technology into their instructional programs.

    We have forged a partnership with William Paterson University as part of our commitment to on-going professional development. This partnership enhances teaching and learning and effective classroom practices by providing a professor in residence once a week for our students and teachers.
    The Smith School community understands the importance of free lines of communication in every aspect of our students’ education. We believe that regular communication ensures continuous cooperation and understanding between home and school. This is made possible through our weekly parent newsletter as well as through our interactive web site. Through these encouraged endeavors, a cooperative quality prevails which contributes to our school’s highly innovative and enjoyable pursuit of learning.

    In conclusion, the Ann Blanche Smith School prides itself in creating a caring professional learning community that integrates the values, expectations and high quality work of students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members. We work collaboratively charting a course of success for all of the members of our school community.

    Mrs. Angela Iskenderian
    (201) 664-1188