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    Welcome to the Ann Blanche Smith School Community!  We are a community because we share the common interest of our children and we are actively involved in their education.  We do this as teachers, staff members, administrators, parents, and community members, who have the well-being and education of our children as a primary focus. 


    Our school building is more than the physical facility, it is a community made up of individuals who value lifelong learning. Our school is a place where minds can be opened to new experiences, where children are allowed to grow, and where there is a free interchange of ideas that nurture the whole child, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.


    I encourage you to use this website as a means of communication that will enable us to work together as partners for the common goal of what is best for our growing and developing children.  With all of us working together, communicating, and openly exchanging ideas, we will equip our children with the essentials to succeed in school and in life.