• The Regional Curriculum Office was established on July 1, 2012 as part of a services agreement between the Pascack Valley Regional High School District and the schools districts in Hillsdale, Montvale, River Vale, and Woodcliff Lake.

    Services to be provided by the Regional Curriculum Office:

    • Curriculum Coordination on a K-12 basis
    • Instructional Coaching
    • Professional Development
    • Providing Curriculum Resources
    • Long Range Curriculum Planning
    • Facilitate Inter- and Intra-District Communication


    Dr. Barry Bachenheimer, Regional Director of Curriculum
    bbachenheimer@pascack.k12.nj.us 201-358-7020 x22032

    Ms. Dominique Paladino, Regional Instruction & Curriculum Coach
    dpaladino@pascack.k12.nj.us 201-358-7020 x22069


    Projects for 2016-17 

    1. Year 2 of the K-8 Math Curriculum Revision Process.  

    1. Educate the K-8 mathematics curriculum committee on Understanding by Design Curriculum framework.

    2. Create a scope and sequence for curricular units based on current New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics.

    3. Develop three-stage “backward planning” units of study for mathematics (beginning with Stage 1 and 2) to include:

      1. Standard-specific regional benchmarks- rich problems/tasks

      2. Differentiated assessments/performance tasks with multiple Entry Points

      3. Begin creation of “model unit”

    4. Regional Math Consultant will support math initiatives by helping evaluate/revise/write curriculum and provide professional development in the model of Labsite workshops.

    1. Oversee the mentoring programs to ensure teacher preparedness and compliance with the state regulations for newly-hired faculty.

    1. Monitor the implementation of the K-8 Physical Education Curriculum.

    1. Implementation of Year 1 of the K-5 and Year 2 of the 6-8 science curriculum in accordance with the Next Generation Science Standards, including associated professional development where needed and appropriate.

    1. Oversee and support the continued implementation of ELA workshop as part of a Regional Task Force.

    1. Evaluate the 8th grade ELA curriculum to ensure New Jersey Student Learning Standards for English Language Arts (NJSLS) compliance, best practices, and rigorous preparation for students for a common high school experience.

    2. Continue to provide coaching/PD for K-5 teachers, especially in the areas of Balanced Literacy and Readers/Writers Workshop.

          6.  Implementation year of the K-8 World Language Curriculum (where appropriate per each district).   Provide support/development/articulation where needed.


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