• Here's to a successful 2017 - 2018 school year!

    Welcome to

    Ms. Maione's Class

    Name: Ms. Jennifer Maione
    Phone: 201-664-0286
    Ext: 6099

    Grades are determined from four sources
    • Homework 15%
    • Tests 30%
    • Quizzes 20%
    • Class Work 15%
    • Projects 20%
    Each area counts towards 100% of the student's final grade.
    Homework Procedures
    Homework handed in on time: 100%
    Late Homework: 50%
    Missing Homework: 0%
    Attempting your homework every night is the easiest way to earn a 100% towards your final grade. Why not try it even if you don't think you understand?
    Tests and Quizzes
    Tests are given once a chapter. Usually there are 2 - 3 chapter tests a marking period.
    Quizzes are given on each concept. There are usually between 6 and 10 quizzes a marking period.
    Extra Help
    Extra Help is available Monday through Friday immediately after school until 3:10 pm. Mornings are available by appointment only. Please let me know during the school day before you will be coming for extra help.
    I can be reached via email or telephone