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    Welcome to the Health Office Page!
    I hope that all of our students and their families are having a good school year.
    Welcome to the Health Office

    Our School Nurse's Contact Information is:


    Christina Fanelli RN BSN NJCSN

    George White School              

    Phone: 201.664.0567 

    Fax: 201.664.2715

    Email: cfanelli@hillsdaleschools.com


    Services Provided By School Nurses Include:

    1.     Promotion of healthy life styles.

    2.     Health care counseling or guidance to students, families, staff and    community.

    3.     Identification of health concerns by observation and assessment of needs.

    4.     Provision of appropriate care with evaluation.

    5.     Management of medication.

    6.     Immunization verification according to state guideline requirements.

    7.     Performance of screenings: Height and weight measurement, vision, hearing,  

            scoliosis and blood pressure as needed

        If your child has had boosters to his or her immunizations, please provide me with documentation from your pediatrician. The 6th grade physical is highly recommended; it can be mailed to me, or your child may hand it in to the health office.  If your child is unable to have a physical examination or needs a physician, please let me know, and I will assist you in meeting his or her needs.
         All medications, prescription AND non prescription, require a physicians order and a dated note from home giving me permission to administer that medication according to the physician’s orders.
    The physical examination and medication forms can be downloaded on our site.  If you have any difficulty, please contact me.
         Finally, please be sure to look for letters that are sent home regarding various illnesses or conditions that are present in our school. I do my best to notify parents through our weekly parent bulletin that goes home with students. If you need to contact me, it is BEST to contact me at 201.664.0567 or at the main office should you need to. I do check emails; however, you will reach me quicker on voice mail.