8th Grade 

    Physical Science 


    If you have questions, please email me at edouglass@hillsdaleschools.com

  • Remote Learning Rules and Expectations:

    -Find a good learning spot

    -Be on time for class (use the google meet link in google classroom)

    -Behave as if you are in the classroom

    -Mute yourself when entering the remote classroom and when you are not talking

    -Turn on your video

    -Use the raise your hand option if you need to ask a question or make a comment

    -Turn off phone, games, TV, or other distractions

    -Use headphones whenever possible

    -Make sure to have materials for note-taking or brainstorming available

    -Ask questions when you need help (Office hours 1:30 to 2:15) ***Remember: there are many different ways to ask for help. (Ask a question by commenting on the assignment in google classroom, write an email, or request a google meet time)

Last Modified on September 3, 2020