• Welcome to the Health Office

    Weekly Update as of 1/17/20
    Over this past week parent reported illnesses are as follows:
    FLU      7
    Fever     5
    STREP   1
    A busy week in the Heath Office with students complaints of stomaches and cold symptoms.
    Blood Pressure Screenings were done this week.
    Give Kids a Smile Friday February 7th Dental Services
     This is  to remind you that parties including food are not permitted.  Parties and celebrations can be safe and fun without food.  Please review our revised Food Allergy Guidelines for additional information.  They can be found on the Health Office websites for each school.  For your convenience, here is a link.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!


         All New Student Physical Examination forms, Immunization forms, and Questionnaires are due NOW.  All completed Food Allergy Packets, Medication Administration forms, and other medical plans/forms are due NOW.  If you need to bring in medication for your child, please remember to complete all paperwork and contact the substitute nurse to plan for drop off.  Our Food Allergy Guidelines were revised and approved over the summer.  Please be sure to view them.  


    PARENT PORTAL-Please be sure to update your contact/emergency contact information if you have any changes
    to your home, cell or work numbers. 
    Also please be sure to sign up for E alerts/Health office alerts from our school.
    This is the primary way for communicating important Health Information to our School community. Specifically, you need to go to the School Website -not the parent portal, Sign in, and Sign up for the "Health Office" E-Alerts" in Addition to Other E-Alerts To Which You Have subscribed. Please contact the main office for further clarification.
    Seasonal Flu Information:
    Please see attached link to the CDC website for general information specific to the 2019-2020 flu season.  It's not too early to be vaccinated!
    Please remember to keep your children home if they have fever and they MUST BE 24 HOURS FEVER FREE BEFORE RETURNING TO SCHOOL without the use of a fever  reducing medication.
    ABSENCES:  Please be sure to send your child in with a either a doctors note or note from home explaining the reason for the absence.
    Please let me know if your child has any communicable illnesses/issue ex. strep throat, influenza, or conjunctivitis, impetigo or head lice.
     All medications, prescription AND non prescription, require a physicians order and a dated note from home giving permission for me to administer that medication accordingly.
    Administration of medication forms/Epi pen designee paperwork and self administration of medication forms are on my website under MEDICAL FORMS for this years medications. This must be done on a yearly basis for renewal with a doctors and parents signature on these forms. 
    Please be sure to give me a call or e mail me if you have any health concerns for your child. Do not hesitate to contact me at 201.664.0567 for any questions or concerns. I am here to help and my door is always open!
    All State Mandated required screenings will be given this year such as height, weight, vision, blood pressure, hearing and scoliosis screenings.