• Hillsdale Curriculum Scope and Sequence Charts




    The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the curriculum scope and sequence at each grade level in the Hillsdale Public Schools. Curriculum may be broadly defined as all the planned experiences under the direction of the school to which a child is exposed.


    In Hillsdale, these experiences are planned to best meet the needs of all children. Curriculum development, as well as scope and sequence development, continues to be an ongoing process with professional involvement, thus, the participation of the Hillsdale Superintendent of Schools, Administrators and teaching staff in curriculum development.


    This scope and sequence data was developed by all Hillsdale staff members through the Hillsdale Curriculum Advisory Council. The Hillsdale Curriculum Advisory Council is the official organization authorized by the Hillsdale Board of Education to exercise leadership in curriculum development in the district.


    The purpose of the organization: “To assemble representatives from all areas of expertise from the faculty of the Hillsdale Public Schools to meet to determine curriculum priorities through staff input, analysis of input, research and evaluation in order to make appropriate recommendations through the Superintendent of Schools for the Board of Education’s consideration and action.”


    This scope and sequence material will be revised and updated on a regular basis. In Hillsdale curriculum review takes place every five years for each subject.


    In addition to the Scope and Sequence Charts for every subject, this booklet contains a listing of all major textbooks.