Academic and Social School Goals




           Academic Goals 

    1. Explore ways to assess and record student understanding  / mastery daily in all curricular areas. With our new Standards Based Report Cards, staff are empowered to collect meaningful information on student to then reflect on when meeting the needs of all students.
    2. Infuse updated technology (Chromebooks) in the 3rd and 4th grade into all subject area classes, with special attention during Writer's Workshop.
    3. Successfully implement the NJ Student Learning Standards in all classrooms.

           Social Goals                                                  

    1. To successfully implement our Learning for Life Curriculum in our Pre-K - 4 classrooms. Further support the monthly character traits by bucket filling.
    2. Look for additional ways to meet the emotional / social / behavioral needs by creating support groups led by our School Counselor.


    School Climate Committee


                The Meadowbrook School Climate Committee meets throughout the school year to discuss the status and attainment of the objectives.  The school objectives were developed in a collaborative manner by the members of the committee.  

    Committee Members:

    Christopher Bell   Principal
    Deanna Nelsen-DeFalco Guidance Counselor
    Christina Rizzo  Literacy Coach
    Lauren Lio Kindergarten Teacher
    Claudia Gibney Grade One Teacher
    Tracey Alderton    Grade Two Teacher
    Heidi Markell Grade Three Teacher
    Jennifer Bauer   Grade Four Teacher
    Jeanne Gunning Resource Teacher
    Jamie Bozzo Parent / MFFA President
    Samantha Galucci Parent / MFFA President