• Resource Classroom Philosophy 

     " Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way."

    ~ George Evans ~ 
           The classroom environment is one of the most important elements in helping a student experience successful learning.  A priority goal is to help my students feel secure and confident while they try their best to learn.  Positive self esteem is the foundation for a lifetime of achievement.  Fun and laughter are the framework for developing a love of learning. In my resource classroom, students are given opportunities to discover key concepts through active participation. They become "word detectives" and "math explorers" .  "Brain Challenge" questions stimulate and stretch inferential thinking skills. Lessons are  geared to help reinforce, maintain, and enrich individual abilities. Strategies are introduced and practiced in order to foster student independence and responsibility.  A peek into our classroom world includes whole group instruction, differentiated instruction, and learning center activities. You may see students practice reading skills by participating in learning center activites, cheering for trick words, utilize strategies to be a "word detective", or  reading to a stuffed animal buddy.  Math activities build on the Essential Question related to the Chapter Focus and Common Core State Standards. Students share what they may already know about a topic or vocabulary word.  They use concrete objects to observe, make connections, and draw conclusions about mathematical practices. Readiness and formative assessment activities are built into daily routine so that each student can demonstrate progress and individual learning needs. Problem solving strategies and real-world applications are woven throughout the curriculum. Most importantly, my students grow and learn in a way that is just right for their unique personality and learning style.  Everyday they strive to do their best.  And everyday...they fill my life with joy and gratitude for the journey that we share.
    "Tell me and I Forget.
    Teach me and I Remember. 
    Involve me and I Learn."
    ~ Benjamin Franklin ~