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    September 11, 2012
    Hi Everyone!
        It was great to meet all of my new Kindergarten students for music classes in Smith and Meadowbrook schools. In case you didn't know, Music is (the Art of) Sound that is used to express emotions and things. We started learning the rules of music class. They are listed below.
    1. Always LISTEN; no talking.
    2. Sit criss-cross applesauce style.
    3. Sing and participate.
    4. Keep your hands to YOURSELVES unless we are dancing at
    which time, you might be holding someone's hand.  
        Today, we worked on some songs that we will be singing throughout the year:  "Hello, Hello" and "Hello Everybody, Yes Indeed". During the latter, we kept the beat in our laps as well as bouncing and clapping. STEADY BEAT will be a theme in Kindergarten music classes.  We also started learning another song, "Bienvenidos"(which means WELCOME in Spanish). Next week, we'll learn the dance for it. Additionally, we worked on Echo Clapping rhythmic patterns
    to a beat count of four using Ta and ti-ti as well as counting 1, 2, 3, 4 with ands. In Music, Rhythm is the way the music goes.  Additionally, I showed a video clip of Marie Osmond singing "Getting to Know You" from the Broadway musical, The King & I because we are all getting to know each other.
         All in all, today was a favorable start to the year. I look forward to working with your Kindergarten children. Keep singing! 
    Mrs. Simpson
    Kindergarten Music Teacher