Reading -We will begin our Non Fiction Unit.  In our upcoming stories, we will discuss main idea and supporting details, sequence, cause and effect, compare and contrast, and summarizing.  The children may be coming home with our 'crate books' and A to Z readers occasionally to read stories of various topics in this genre.  
    Math-  We are currently studying the  times tables which will be tested every other week. Our current fact is the 7 times table, which you can start as soon as possible.  Our quiz  will usually be on the following Tues. Continue listening to  our multiplication songs as well as using flash cards and spending time each day quizzing your child on their facts. We will shortly be doing speed and accuracy tests. The concern is not the best scores, but on improving scores each time a speed test is given. We will continue our Multiplication study as well as to begin using the multiplication facts to understand division concepts. Different strategies to divide that the children are using to solve division problems are using Fact Families/Inverse Operation/Missing Factor strategies, Repeated Subtraction, Drawing an Array, skip counting backwards on a Number Line, Grouping Equal Groups, or Dealing out like playing cards Strategies of Division Concepts.
    Grammar-We will begin to study Verbs ("It's what you do").
    Writing- We will learn some winter poetry .
         Our big upcoming writing project is to create a Realistic Fiction Story. Your child is currently writing a story during our Writing time in school and  they are typing it on the laptops and saving to Google using their  passwords. We are using a "Somebody..Wanted...But..So... but so....Then"  graphic organizer to create the story.
         Ms Gunning hooked us up with a publisher who will bind the book for free. You can even have them print and bind extra books if you'd like to give them to relatives for about $20 each. We did this last year and were so pleased with the results, it has become something we plan to continue. The children have seen some of the 4th graders' books and are very excited about their new writing project!
    The book is different than the one made in second grade as your child is the author and illustrator of the entire book!