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    Updated: December 7, 2020
    To access Ms. Carr's on-line Physical Education Assignments, to keep students active please refer to youtube
    using "Ms. Carr's Brain Breaks" in the search engine.  Thank you!
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     Check out youtube for Ms. Carr's Brain breaks!!!
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    If a student has a note from a parent to excuse them from P.E. please know your child, is also not permitted to go out for recess. If your child can not participate in P.E. for more than ONE day, a doctor's note is required.  Thank you for your cooperation.
    www.gonoodle.com - Students may use this website to copy the link of my videos and upload them to this website which they can gain points and have fun while exercising.  This is the site some teachers use at school.
     Ms. Carr
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    My Philosophy of Teaching:
    In a world with increasing technology, sedentary lifestyles, and most currently childhood obesity being considered an epidemic (according to The Center for Disease Control), having students move as much as possible when they come to P.E. is important to me.
    The basis of my teaching can be reflected with my favorite quote, "They may not remember what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."  With that said, the P.E. program at Meadowbrook provides opportunities for development of motor skills, physical fitness, attitudes towards personal fitness and health, and cooperation with others of similiar and different abilities.  Students will experience a developmentally designed program of skill and fitness activities, including educational games.  Each child experiences development uniquely, and therefore that is taken into consideration in all lessons.  Emphasis is placed on being fair and honest.  All character education traits are incorporated into every lesson. 
    Most, of all, I love being a role model for all of my students.  :)
    My Profile:
    I have been happily teaching at Meadowbrook school since I graduated from William Paterson University in 2001!  I enjoy participating in local 5K races, cooking, and personal training.  I also love being outside, taking care of my house, and being with family.
    Why be a P.E. teacher?
    Those who know me, know I absolutely love what I do.  I love teaching P.E.  Some have asked what was it the made me choose this profession.  I gravitated toward sports and any physical activity growing up, but that wasn't the only aspect that lead me into this field that fits me so well. 
    Growing up I watched my overweight father live with Diabetes.  He didn't exercise, and didn't eat healthy.  It was very difficult to watch his body succumb to the disease, eventually taking his life in July of 2004.  While I was in college he underwent a transtibial amputation of one leg, and by the next year the same with the other leg.  This truly affected me on how I view being healthy and able-bodied.  It was around the same time I needed to choose a major.  So, really I am hoping all children will become movers for life, and learn how to take care of themselves, not just with exercise, but proper eating.  It's sad not to have my Dad around, he passed away at the young age of 69. However, I feel grateful I can share my enthusiasm with the students of Meadowbrook to provide them with the skills they need to enjoy an active life! My mother too, passing away at the young age of 72, December 5, 2012. She didn't necessarily care for her aging body with proper exercise and nutrition either.  I enjoy being a role model for our students by being an active participant in class at times, and demonstrate good nutrition by example.