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                 Mrs. Alicia Simpson 
                         Kindergarten Music Teacher
    June 5, 2019
    Hi Everyone,
           As is my custom of wanting the children to have varied  musical experiences, I brought in my cello today. I started playing the cello when entering 4th grade, almost 50 years ago. I learned guitar in college while taking a music methods class.  Along the way, I have had many musical adventures. 
          Today, each child experienced  'making the music' and  'feeling the sound'.   After I played the cello for them, and we compared/contrasted the two instruments (4r strings vs 6 strings, no frets vs frets, bigger/smaller, different sound holes in the cello/guitar, etc.), I called up two children at a time, one to 'bow" the instrument (with my assistance) and the other to put his/her hand flat on the bottom right front of the instrument to "feel"  the sound vibrations. I also had them feel what a strand of horse-hair was. (Horse hair is used on the bow. It is course, not silky smooth like ours, so the hair pulls the string and makes the string vibrate that produces the sound.)  Most giggled because the vibrations tickled their hands. 
    Keep singing all!
    Mrs. Alicia Simpson                                                     
    K Performing Arts (Music) Teacher