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                 Mrs. Alicia Simpson 
                         Kindergarten Music Teacher
    December 12, 2018
    Hi Everyone,
    We have been learning about the holidays of the season. We have finished Chanukah, which included dancing like little spinning dreydles.  We have moved on to Posada, the Winter Solstace, and  Christmas. Next week ,  we
    will learn about Kwanza and the New Year.  
    We have been singing Jingle Bells, using rhythm sticks and  bells to represent the horses clip-clopping hooves and the jingle bells (respectively). 
    We also worked on singing "Deck the Halls"  and talked about the story in the song. The children learned that 'Deck the Halls' means decorate the halls and 'don we now our gay apperal'  means to get dressed in our fancy clothes. And of course, there is singing going on as the decorating happens. 
    If I don't get to update this message before the new year, I hope that everyone has a lovely holiday  season and winter break .    Happy New Year 2019  to all!
    Mrs. Alicia Simpson                                                     
    K Performing Arts (Music) Teacher