•            Kindergarten Music
                    Mrs. Alicia Simpson 
                Kindergarten Performing Arts (Music )Teacher
    December 4, 2019
    Hi Everyone,
         I hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Now that December has arrived, it is time to teach about the various holidays that are observed at this time, Chanukah, The Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza, and New Year.  Even if only SOME of these are your traditions, it is important to learn about ALL of them to foster greater understanding of everyone's culture and better getting along. 
         In November, kindergarteners at both schools did great at their respective performances. Smith School did a program for Veterans Day. Meadowbrook  performed at their Kindergarten Feast. The children sang very well and everyone enjoyed their efforts. 
         Have a lovely holiday season. 
    Mrs. Alicia Simpson                                                     
    K Performing Arts (Music) Teacher