•      Kindergarten Music
                 Mrs. Alicia Simpson 
                         Kindergarten Music Teacher
    February 28, 2019
    Hi all,
    We have been listening to music from various African American musicians during African American History Month including Marian Anderson, Ray Charles, the Motown Sound, and Scott Joplin. We have danced to the games, "Circle 'Round the Zero" and  "Frosty Weather".  
    The children moved to a piece of music called the "Movement Rhondo". A 'rhondo' is a style of music in which a musical melody is stated, followed by a different melody, followed by the first melody repeating and being restated throughout the piece. The children walked, trotted, walked, hopped, walked, galloped, walked, skipped, and finally finished with walking.  Before we tried this around the room, we used our hands motions to indicate the changes in the music.
    We continue to work on the Alphabet Love song. The students also learned a song, "Will You Be My Valentine?" , to sing to people they liked.  
    As March comes along, we are learing "Let's Go Fly a Kite" from the original movie, Mary Poppins since March can be a bit of a windy monty. 
    Keep singing!
    Mrs. Alicia Simpson                                                     
    K Performing Arts (Music) Teacher