Meadowbrook School

Proudly Charting a Course for Success



      Belief Statements


       *We believe schools, families, and community are partners in the education of all children

      • Phone conferences and/or individual conferences with students and parents when needed
      • Work study in the community

       *We believe learning is a life-long process

      •   Encourage leisure time activities that students can enjoy throughout their lives
      •   Provide opportunities to learn new techniques and strategies
      •   Continue adult education and parenting resources
      •   Stress skills of wellness, friendship, and cooperation

       *We believe each individual is ultimately responsible for his/her own choices, actions, and learning

      •  Require students to be respectful to self and others
      •  Encourage students to do their best work at all times
      •  Accept responsibility for their own actions
      •  Be prepared for classes

       *We believe that the school and community will provide a variety of positive educational opportunities for students to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, culturally, and physically


      • Promote diversity in one’s curriculum
      • Promote cross-cultural relationships
      • Promote conflict resolution skills
      • Promote sensitivity among all staff and students
      • Recognize and treat teachers as professionals
      • Newsletters and information to parents
      • Course outlines and expectations 
      • Students are made aware of goals, expectations, deadlines, and consequences

       *We believe in the curriculum that stresses content and methods to promote problem solving, risk-taking, adaptability, thinking skills, and application

      •  Implement the use of portfolios and creative teaching methods
      •  Use curriculum which requires and enhances problem solving and critical thinking skills


Last Modified on June 2, 2008