Mission Statement

    Dedicated to charting a course of success for today and tomorrow’s children, the Hillsdale School District’s mission is to empower all students with an exceptional educational foundation that actualizes their unique potential.

    To provide an exceptional educational foundation, the Board, in active collaboration with the staff, the family and the community, and using a clear system of accountability, will provide the tools to ensure that our students and staff shall:

    1. Work cooperatively in a safe, supportive and challenging learning environment that addresses individual learning needs;
    2. Apply problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills learned through written, oral, technological and experiential application in and out of the classroom;
    3. Practice good citizenship by fostering respect for one’s self and others through a better understanding of the needs of a diverse society;
    4. Fully integrate technology into the learning experience using creative and effective teaching techniques.
    5. Appreciate, preserve and promote the quality and professionalism of the staff, administration and Board of Education.