• We will remember that we are a team.

     When you’re on a team, you are not alone.

    You have teammates you can count on to help you, cooperate with you, be kind to you, and encourage you.

    Teammates trust each other.

    A team is stronger when everyone works together.


    In our work together this year, we will…


    ...be on time, alert, and ready to learn.

    ....listen to each other, stay on task, and be focused.

    ...talk, write, sign, or email as necessary. We will not talk over one another.

    ...use the Meet chat responsibly.

    ...mute ourselves when we’re listening on a Meet and unmute ourselves when we’re speaking.

    ...be responsible.

    ...be patient.

    ...be aware of the time.

    ...show respect for ourselves and each other at all times.

    ...have a great, fun year together.


    This Code of Conduct was created collaboratively by all members of Team ARHD4. Team A-R-S and Team A-R-M each made their own code at the start of the school year. When the teams combined, they revised and edited their codes to combine them as well. All members of the team, including Mrs. Lupfer, are expected to abide by this code and help one another abide by it.

Last Modified on October 4, 2020