• Some of the websites listed below will be used throughout the year during instruction. Login information with usernames and passwords will be given to students at a later date. These websites will be labeled with an asterisk. Other websites can be used at your convenience. 



    Reading Log (optional)


    It is important for your child to read every day, whether they read to you or you read to them. We want to enhance their knowledge and vocabulary by exposing them to as many books as possible.  The idea is for them to fall in love with reading and never want to put a book down! 


    If you would like to keep track of your child’s reading, below are two options that will help you and your child!  There is no need to send it back to school, it’s completely optional to complete.  





        1. Choose from any of the Google Slide reading logs
        2. Go to file / make a copy / entire presentation 
        3. Rename the presentation with your child’s name and the date 
        4. Share the presentation with your child’s teacher   



      1. Print out each month. 
      2. Color one object for each night you read or are read to this month!



    *Raz Kids Site 

    Leveled books online. 


    Login Instructions: 

    1. Click the green Kids Login button. 
    2. Type in teacher username and submit. 
    3. Click your child’s name and type in your child’s password (pictures). 


    * IXL 


    Personalized learning.  Subscription will start in the summer and continue throughout the 2020-2021 School Year.  Please only work on the Kindergarten curriculum.


    * ABC Mouse 

    You received a letter recently how to register or you did in the beginning of the school year.


    * Zearn

    Math website 


    * EPIC

    Epic! Is a great website and a free app that allows you to read e-books, read alongs, and watch videos for kids.

    Fluency and Fitness

    Helping students exercise their brains and bodies!


    Fun and educational games


     Fun and educational games



    PBS Kids

    Fun and educational games