• Helpful Hints for a Happy Kindergarten Year

    Children should be taught to listen.  Please tell your children to do something only once.  Try not to repeat directions unless absolutely necessary.

    Help your youngster to identify some basic shapes, name colors, and recognize the alphabet and numbers from 0-20.

    Encourage skipping, hopping and jumping.

    Help your children know their left and right as well as parts of the body.

    Read to your child daily and visit the library.

    Your children should practice saying their full name, phone number and address.

    Have your children become familiar with holding a pencil and crayon correctly, and with using a pair of blunt scissors.

    Have your children practice buttoning, zipping and tying their shoes.

    Please remember to put your children's names on EVERYTHING they bring to school.  All notes or money should be sent in an envelope with your child's name and what the note or money is for on the outside.  This will be a GREAT help to us.

    Be sure to empty your child's folder each evening and send it back to school the next day.

    NO PERSONAL TOYS are permitted in school.

    Thank you for your help in creating a happy and successful Kindergarten experience!