• Low, Laura / Star of the Week

    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    We would like to start Star of the Week and would love for your child to participate.  We will need your help and guidance to make this a special week for your child.  This year we will be using a Google Slides presentation to enhance the Star of the Week experience. We will send you an email two weeks in advance with the Google Slides presentation attached for you to fill out with your child. 


    We promise you that this is simple to complete! The Google Slides presentation is a template that allows you to type on the slides to fill in the information about your child. Please complete this with your child. Feel free to add pictures to the presentation as well. We will share the presentation with the class during your child's assigned week. 


    Attached are the slides for Star of the Week.


    Star Student Slide


    All we ask of you is that you send the presentation back to us the Sunday night before your child’s assigned week. 


    Thank you,