• Kindergarten Show and Tell Flipgrid

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    Dear Parents,


    As a Kindergarten-Grade, we will use the website Flipgrid for Show & Tell this year. This site allows us to post videos, photos, and communicate with each other.  Your child will log in using their provided school google email address to participate.  Your child’s teacher will share their email with you to start accessing the site.


    How does this site work?  


    You will record your child sharing their show and tell. They can tell us about the item by talking about when they got it, who gave it to them, and describe why it is special to them.  It will be helpful if the description is kept to three key points.  Please keep in mind that there is a time limit on the recording on Flipgrid.


    The day your child is assigned for show and tell, the Kindergarten classes will view in their rooms.  We will observe as a class and follow up with three questions about their show and tell.  We feel this will allow us to keep our interaction with each other relevant and friendly. 


    How do you join Flipgrid?

    1. Go to flipgrid.com
    2. Enter the join code: mbshowandtell
    3. Click “join with google” and sign in using your child’s school provided email address and password. 
    4. Go to the topic “show & tell” and click on “record a response”   
    5. After you record your video, press the green arrow on the right side. Then, it will ask you to take a selfie by pressing the camera in the middle. Your video will be posted, the selfie is your cover photo for the video.  
    6. It will guide you through recording and posting your video response. 


    Thank you,

    The Kindergarten Team