Dear 4th Grade Parents:


    We am pleased to announce a  4th grade activity called “Walk Across America.” This program combines health and nutrition, geography, math, physical education and social studies, all in one activity!


    Walk Across America is a grade project sponsored by a grant from the New Jersey State School Nurses Association.  The students will track the number of miles they walk during P.E. with the use of a pedometer.  Only one pedometer will be given to each student for the course of the program.  Although the pedometers will be kept at school, each student will be responsible for their own pedometer.


    It is also important to note that all the students in the 4th grade class are a team and will combine their mileage in crossing the United States.  Progress will be marked on a map that will be centrally located in the school. 


    This program is an “educational journey” toward a greater understanding of health, fitness, nutrition, and personal development.


    We feel this project will foster greater health awareness and develop a child’s physical abilities within the proper health and growth boundaries for their age.  It is important to understand that physical fitness needs to be a way of life.


    Thank you for this opportunity and we look forward to our Walk Across America together.






Last Modified on July 8, 2013