• Dear Parents & Guardians:

    "As our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic begins to unfold, we find ourselves witness to additional societal challenge as depicted on our evening news in the form of social unrest and racial division. 

    Now more than ever it is important for us to unite as one to help bring health, progress and peace to our school community. The lives of our children have been filled with many uncertainties over the past three months, which may now be enhanced as they view and hear the national news or interact with media content on a mobile device. 

    Our focus remains on student progress and well-being during this time of remote learning. The diversity that we find in Hillsdale and beyond remains a core trait of our communal strength and ability to learn from one another. 

    To help parents and children process our current events, you are welcomed to access the below resources as you see applicable to your household, beliefs and age of your child or children. Additionally, the image included below was shared with me, and may serve useful as you reflect and process the many important current events among us."

    -Rob Lombardy, Superintendent 



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