Meadowbrook Safety Patrol School Monitors

    If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders. 

    ~Abigail Van Buren

    The Safety Patrol School Monitors at Meadowbrook Elementary is a program for students in grade four. These students devote their time and energy to promoting safety at our school. The School Safety Patrols are responsible for keeping students safe during lunchtime. They help to regulate hallway traffic, supervise students in the cafeteria, and monitor behavior on the playground. These students are not expected to settle discipline problems. If a situation arises, these students are to seek out a lunchtime aide or another staff member to handle the dilemma. Job responsibilities from the monitors are taken serious at Meadowbrook. The safety patrols are to act as positive role models for the younger students in the school and must set a good example. They are expected to behave accordingly.

    School Safety Patrols are allowed to choose a post and must complete their post assignment. Once they commit to be being a patrol, they can not quit. The post your child selects is the post that will be their responsibility. We cannot honor requests to change a post because we need to remain consistent in our scheduling and policy. A post could be at a lunch table or outside. During a table post, the monitors are to sit at the end of the tables and supervise the children. They are to make sure that the other students who are eating, clean up their areas before going outside. Outside, the monitors are extra eyes and help to ensure the safety of everyone playing. If they see inappropriate behavior, they are allowed to give a verbal warning to the children. If the children do not listen, they are advised to seek help from an adult. If they do not know the person, they are to ask an adult in the building for guidance.

    If a patrol is not doing their job as expected, there will be consequences.

    The first will be a verbal warning. Next, they will lose their post for at least one day and up to a week depending on the circumstances. If it happens a third time, they will taken off of their post for the entire assignment period.   

    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Any questions please contact Mrs. Nelsen-DeFalco at

    (201) 383-3143


    Attached please find a list of a description of each patrol post.

    Equipment – These students take out equipment for students to play with at lunchtime, and make sure all equipment is gathered and put away at the end of lunchtime recess.  This ensures we take care of our equipment so we have it to use.

    Grades – There are at least two patrols that monitor each class.  These students put lunches out on the tables, sit at the end of the lunch table and eat their lunch with the class they are supervising.  They should make sure children are eating their food in a mannerly way and clean up after themselves.  Patrols should not leave the table until all of their students have finished eating lunch.  They then go outside with their class where they can play.  While outside, they should play in a safe way along with the children they are patrolling.