All About Me

    Certification as both a school counselor and elementary educator enables me to contribute to many of the educational opportunities that Hillsdale has to offer. My training and experience in both areas has provided me the opportunity to grow as an educator, and to understand all aspects of students’ lives, so that educational and social growth can be maximized. I am a “team player” who is flexible, approachable and resourceful. My dedication to students and their diverse needs is limitless. As a member of Hillsdale, I will be diligent and determined to promote student achievement both educationally and socially, so that students in this wonderful community become productive members of society.



    My Philosophy of Education

    Confucius once said,” If your plan is for one year, plant rice; if your plan is for ten years plant trees; if your plan is for one hundred years educate children.” Children hold the future in their heads and hearts and it is our responsibility as educators to stimulate growth and ensure safety. I became an educator to “feed” the minds of children with knowledge and to fill their hearts with respect and equality. An ideal educator provides a safe place to share ideas and beliefs and listens with fairness and respect. As a guide through life’s lessons, good or bad, an outstanding educator capitalizes on all teaching moments, forever molding and shaping the citizens of tomorrow.
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