• Mindfulness: Breathing Exercises


  • "Sun Breath"

    "This is the natural movement pattern the rib cage follows when we complete a full inhalation..turning on a relaxation response through the central nervous system. From a calm, relaxed state, the brain is able to access the "thinking centers" for learning."- Allison Morgan, Author of Zensantional Kids: Educate 2B! 


    1. Stand or sit up tall, keeping your spine long and straight.

    2. Begin with your hands by your sides, shoulders relaxed.

    3. Inhale through your nose and lift your arms over your head, form the shape of the sun above your head.

    4. Hold the bright sun, reach your arms up towards the sky.

    5. Exhale slowly through your nose and float your arms back down to the sides of your body

    6. Try not to let your arms reach the end position until all of the air is out of your body.

    "The Power Breath"

    "Quick, forceful breaths are energizing and rejuvenating. Fast inhalation and exhalations decrease the carbon dioxide levels in the blood, allowing oxygen levels to rise." - Allision Morgan, Author of Zensational Kids: Educate 2B!


    What to do:

    1. Stand with your feet planted firmly in the ground.

    2. Quickly and powerfully, inhale through your nose, as you reach your arms up towards the sky, spreading your fingers and straightening your arms as if they were arrows shooting towards the stars.

    3. Exhale quickly and powerfully through your open mouth, while grasping the stars with your hands and pulling them into the side of your body.

    4. You can even let out a strong "HA!" Feel your belly pull in to your spine with each exhale, fueling you with great power and energy. 

     "Rocket Breath"

    "Sometimes you may get so anxious and worried that you feel like a rocket about to explode and wish you could escape into outer space. Rocket Breath helps you land safely wherever you are and gives you inner control so that the outside situation is not so overwhelming." - Allison Morgan, Author Zensationsal Kids: Educate 2B!


     What to do:

    1. Place your right hand on top of your left hand, palms facing up and positioned at the level of your belly button.

    2. Inhale slowly to the count of 5 while slowly lifting your right hand up towards the level of your chin.

    3. Pause

    4. Exhale slowly to the count of 5 while slowly lowering your top hand back towards your belly button.

    5. Repeat 3-5 times.


    The Bunny Breath: "Quick, forceful breaths are invigorating the system. Through this breathing pattern, students have the opportunity to practice timing and rhythm which are important for the development of reading and spelling skills." - (Allision Morgan, Author of Zensational Kids: Educate 2B!)


    Bunny Breath Video <--(Click the link to learn & practice)


    Activity: Watch the Bunny Breath video which will teach you how to do a Bunny Breath as well as an exercise to practice!

    Candle Breath- "Candle breath is organizing to the nervous system and into the visual system. It assists in establishing eye teaming or binocular vision for tracking." - Educate 2B!

    *This exercise is beneficial for students who have difficulties with reading fluency, comprehension, copying, and handwriting.


    What to do:

    • Sit up tall, keeping your spine long and straight.
    • Interlace your fingers and hold your pencil, marker, or crayon between your palms. Pretend this is your candle.
    • Hold your candle close enough to your face so that you are able to see it. Breathe in through your nose.
    • Begin to blow towards your candle through pursed lips and move it slowly away by extending your arms.
    • Continue to look at the tip of your candle.
    • Breathe in and bring the candle closer to your mouth again. Breathe out and blow the candle away.

    *Tip: You may need to place a sticker at the end of your candle to give a larger focal point.


    Activity: Practice your candle breath 3 times, for 5 breaths each.