• First Grade Resource Remote Learning Experience


    Dear Families,

    Please check my website each school day for word work and math lesson goals.  I will also include a morning message for the students to read.  This has been a fun part of our routine and I'd like to keep it going (although it is modified). 


    The First Grade Remote Learning Page has suggested activities that you may access and utilize as well.  Utilizing RazKids and books at home to practice fluency and comprehension will help to continue independent reading progress & stamina. As you complete the reading activities on this page, please know that you can access the homeroom teacher's daily checklist to record that your child did the reading work.  You will also need to submit a daily checklist for work that I assign.


    My class should review Fundations and Word Work Skills for Units 2 through 7.  Unit 8 reviews these skills and introduces consonant blends.  We have been exploring consonant blends as readers throughout the school year.  The Unit 8 Parent Packet provides information for marking up blends. Students should spend time warming up for word work by reviewing the sound packet.  Our goal is to be able to read the 93 Trick Words.  I have sent home the word list for all 14 units for practice.  Although we are currently practicing skills in Unit 8, our class has been introduced to all of the words and we have been practicing in a variety of ways.  Trick Word Practice pages have been sent home and additional ones will be available for download and printing, if needed.


    Our first grade math goal is to have fluency with facts to 10.  Using the packets, math games, and online resources such as Sumdog is a great way to keep practicing. Facts & strategies to 20 have been introduced and students will have opportunities to review & practice. Place value concepts and graphing concepts and skills will also be a focus these next few weeks.  


    The following resources have either been sent home with your child or will be available for you to download and print as necessary.  Please know that you can contact me through email with any questions or concerns that you may have.


    We can do this!


    All the best,

    Lorraine Woods

    First Grade Resource Teacher



    Fundations/Word Work Resources

    ~ Unit 8 Parent Packet

    ~ Reader's Notebook (Units 2-8)

    ~ Trick Word Flash Cards

    ~ Trick Word Worksheets

    ~ Fundations Letter-Symbol-Sound Booklet (Drill Sounds)

    ~ Fundations Story/Activity Units 3 - 8

    ~ My Sidewalks/Reading Street Phonics Short Stories

    ~ Dictation Worksheet

    ~ 3x Each Worksheet

    ~ Word Detective Poems


    Math Resources

    ~ Fact Fluency Packet

    ~ Fact Practice Addition/Subtraction Practice

    ~ Place Value Review Packet

    ~ Organize & Use Graphs Review Packet

    ~ Calendar/Date

    ~ Number of the Day Worksheet