• High-Frequency (Trick) Words, Letter, & Math Terms of the Week:

    High Frequency Words of the Week 

       one, two, three, four, five


    High Frequency Words Taught to Date


    I, am, the, little, to, a, an, can, have, is, his, and, we, my, by, like, he, be, or, for, like, said, play, me, with, she, so, see, look, at, on, it, in, they, you, of, one, two, three, four, five



    Letter(s) of the Week


    Blends and Digraphs:
    blends:  bl, cl, pl, fl, dr, fr, gr ...
    digraphs:  sh, ch, th, wh, ph ...
    Weekly Letters Taught to Date 

    Mm, Tt, Aa, Ss, Pp, Cc, Ii, Bb, Nn, Rr, Dd, Kk, Ff, Oo, Hh, Ll  


    Math Vocabulary Terms:

    Math Terms and/or Numbers of the Month
    are left, minus sign (-), subtract, take away             
    Math Terms and/or Numbers Taught to Date
    above, behind, below, beside, in front of, next to, alike, different, shape, size, sort,
    count, equal to, greater than, less than, number,  zero (0), one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4), five (5), six (6), seven (7),
    eight (8), nine (9),ten (10), ordinal numbers, add, equal sign (=), in all, join, plus sign (+), are left, minus sign (-), subtract,
    take away,