This new legislation requires that the district appoint an anti-bullying specialist in each building and an antibullying coordinator for the district.  The following is a list of who fills each role in our district and a brief description of the responsibility attached to it.

    Anti Bullying Specialists   

    The anti-bullying specialists for the district are as follows:


                                 Ann Blanche Smith School :1000 Hillsdale Ave. Hillsdale NJ Phone: 201-664-1188                                                     Dante Casalaro: email: dcasalaro@hillsdaleschools.com

                                 Meadowbrook School: 50 Piermont Ave. Hillsdale NJ  Phone: 201-664-8088        

                                                     Deanna Nelsen-DeFalco: email = ddefalco@hillsdaleschools.com


                                 George White School: 120 Magnolia Ave. Hillsdale NJ  Phone: 201-664-0286       

                                                     Jenna Pizzo:  jpizzo@hillsdaleschools.com

                                                     Jennifer Reese: jreese@hillsdaleschools.com (Chairperson)


    The anti-bullying specialists chair the School Safety Team and lead, with the Principal, the investigation of reported HIB incidents.  Suspected incidents are reported to the the specialist who completes a report form together with the complainant.  The specialist then discusses the matter with the building Principal and an investigation is conducted.  The building principal reports on these incidents to the Superintendent, who in turn, reports to the Board of Education.   


    Anti-Bullying Coordinator

    The anti-bullying coordinator for the district is Tracey Mastice.   Her office is located at 32 Ruckman Rd (The Board Office) and her phone number is 201-664-0504 and email is tmastice@hillsdaleschools.com.  The anti-bullying Coordinators role is to coordinate and strengthen the school district's HIB policies to prevent, identify and address the harassment, intimidation and bullying of students.  This is done in collaboration with the anti-bullying specialists, principals, superintendent and board of education.