• Kindergarten 2018-2019

    The students are doing an amazing job adjusting to the class schedule and routine.  They are making significant progress with our intense curriculum.  Please continue to reinforce and carry over skills and instructions at home.

    1.  LLI Reading Bag: (The due dates will be listed on the packet in the bag) Twice a week your child will bring home a bag with a book with a book on their reading level that we have read together in class. Have them read this book to you. A list of suggested activities to do with your child and a fold sheet (aligned with the book) will be in each bag as well.  Please complete and send the bag (book and fold sheet included) back to school on the assigned due date. 
    2. Math Vocabulary Cards/Math Bag (Sent home Friday – to be returned following Friday, return “Book in the Baggie” every Friday) Every Friday, the students will bring home their math vocabulary cards in a plastic baggie labeled with their name on it.  Please sit down to review and read every day with your child.  Also please have your child trace the words on the card. The students will accumulate their own little math library of words for school and home!  New vocabulary words will be added to the baggie at the beginning of each new chapter.  Please remember that we don’t start a new chapter every week)
    3.  Letter of the Week (Sent home on Friday– to be returned on Monday, return “Letter of the Week” pictures or words every Monday) The“Letter of the Week” will be sent home every Friday.  Over the weekend, please have your child look for pictures or words that start with the letter of the week.  You can find these items in magazines, books, newspapers, or even use clip art.  Please send in the pictures or words every Monday in a baggie from home with your child’s name.  During the week, the class will make a poster of pictures and words to hang in the classroom.
    4. Letter of Week worksheet - (Sent home on Monday- to be returned on Friday, return “Letter of the Week” worksheet every Friday). Practice writing the Uppercase and Lowercase letter of the “Letter of the Week” and color the pictures that start with the “Letter of the Week”
    5. Reading Log (Sent home on Monday to be read through Sunday, return Reading Log to class every Monday)      Examples of what to include in reading log:

                        * Read 5-10 minutes each day and fill in log

                        * Review Reading High Frequency Words and Math Vocabulary Word

                        * Review the FUNdations packet, by forming the letters correctly on any paper, dry erase boards or even chalk.  As long   as the students are forming their letters correctly


    Thank you for your support and dedication!