Music in Motion

  • violin

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    Click the link below to explore the different instrument families that we have talked about in class! This turns into a fun interactive game! Have fun!

    Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra


    Clink the next link below if you want more details on the orchestra instruments and see an orchestra concert for yourself.


    Dallas Symphony Orchestra


    Test yourself with online flashcards. How well do YOU know the Treble Clef Notes?

    Flashcards Treble Clef Notes


    From, this online site takes note identification to a whole other level.  This will quiz you on not only on how well you know your lines and spaces in the treble staff, but your ability to read ledger lines!

    Music Theory


    Test your knowledge on how well you know the bass clef notes!



    Keep challenging yourself by exploring Freddie the Frog's games! You can play the Bass Clef and Treble Clef game here too!


    Freddie the Frog