Helpful Information
    Helpful Hints for a Happy School Year 
    • reminder Important ~ please report absences or change of dismissal by email to the following people;
      The school nurse at rcatton@hillsdaleschools.com  & Mrs. Jenne at jjenne@hillsdaleschools.com as well as the office The The main office at kdambrosio@hillsdaleschools.com as soon as possible. 
    • Your child requires a note even if the person picking up is on your child's emergency card. 
    • Please also send a hard copy of dismissal changes to school with your child for the main office. Thank you :)  
    • After school, our class will be dismissed through the back classroom door that leads into the back gated courtyard.
    • We will have a quick A.M. snack outside.  Children should bring a quick, easy, healthy snack and drink.  NO NUTS OR TREE NUTS PLEASE!  Please be sure to check the food labels before packing their snack and drink.  We really appreciate your keeping our class safe for those who have allergies.
    • Please remember to put your child's name on EVERYTHING they bring to school.  Labeling is so important - Label all personal items that your child brings to school, especially his or her lunch box, snack, water bottle, backpack and outerwear.  All notes or money should be sent in an envelope with your child's name and what the note or money is for on the outside.  This will be a GREAT help to us.
    • NO PERSONAL TOYS are permitted in school. 
        *Please be sure to empty your child's folder each evening and send it back to school the next day. 

    Your child is responsible for checking his/her folder each morning for any notes that you might send to school.

    We have a "special note bin" in our classroom.

    If you need to get in touch with us...
    *You can reach me by stopping in, calling, or email me at jjenne@hillsdaleschools.com 

    Other Important Information
    For A Successful School Year:

    • Children should be taught to listen.  Please tell your children to do something only once.  Try not to repeat directions unless absolutely necessary.
    • Help your youngster to identify some basic shapes, name colors, and recognize the alphabet and numbers from 0-100.
    • Encourage skipping, hopping and jumping.
    • Help your children know their left and right as well as parts of the body.
    • Read to your child daily and visit the library.
    • Your children should practice saying their full name, phone number and address.
    • Have your children become familiar with holding a pencil and crayon correctly, and with using a pair of blunt scissors.
    • Have your children practice buttoning, zipping and tying their shoes.
    Thank you for your help in creating a happy
    and successful
    Kindergarten experience!




Last Modified on August 23, 2020