On the PLAYGROUND, students are expected to…


    1.     Remain on the playground and designated play areas at all times.

    2.     Show respect for others and follow instructions given by staff.

    3.     Use respectful and non-threatening language.

    4.     Play safely (no rough playing).

    5.     Include everyone who wants to play a game or use equipment.

    6.     Stay away from the woods.

    7.     Not pick up or throw rocks, sticks, mulch, dirt, etc.

    8.     Use balls and jump ropes appropriately.

    9.     Use playground equipment safely.

    10. Show pride in our school by keeping the building and grounds free of litter.

    11. Listen to the safety monitors and lunch aides.

    12. Ask permission to go to the bathroom or to the nurse’s office from a lunch aide.  A pass will be given for the bathrooms as well as the nurse’s office.

    13. Line up as soon as the whistle blows.

    14. Settle conflicts peacefully…Stop-Walk-Talk


    Games not allowed at school:  wrestling activities, tackle football


    Recess should be a fun, safe time for all students!

    Always respect the rights of others!




    1.      Warning

    2.      Time out 5 minutes

    3.   Time out 10 minutes

    4.      Referral to the office