• Learning On The Go                                                                                   train
    Did you know?
    The "real world" is the most natural place for your child to learn.  It abounds with new and exciting educational experiences.  Invite your child to learn in the new world by participating with you in some of the following activities.
    • Visit community buildings and attractions such as a farm, museum, or fire station.                                                           
    • Take your child on errands to the grocery store, cleaners, post office, and hardware store.  Take time to browse around and talk about different jobs people have.
    • Provide free or UNSTRUCTURED time for your child.  Invite him or her to listen to music, daydream, or learn to entertain him- or herself.
    • Take a train trip or a bus ride.
    • Visit the library regularly.  Have your child obtain a library card.  Set a good example for your child by checking out books for yourself as well.
    • Take walks in your neighborhood.
    • Go to special events such as sporting events, concerts, or movies.  Try to find events that are free and age appropriate.
    • Have your child join community organizations such as the scouts or sports programs.
    • Play a board game or do a puzzle together.
    • Read signs, license plates, bumper stickers, and billboards together.
    • Talk about the environment such as colors, smells, and noises around you.
    • When in the car, talk about directions, traffic rules, and what to expect next.