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    Did you know?

    Your child will become a better learner when you are his or her partner in education.  As one of the most important people in your child's life, you have an opportunity to make a critical difference in how successful your child will be in school.  Reading together is one way to become your child's partner in education.  Use the following tips when reading with your child.

    • Read to your child every night if you can, or have him or her read to you.  It is one of the most important activities the two of you can share.
    • Remember not to turn every reading session into a lesson.  Your overall goal is to provide a pleasurable reading experience.
    • Choose books that are the appropriate level for your child.
    • Choose books that are of interest to your child.
    • Occasionally, have your child place his or her finger under each word as the two of you read.
    • Ask your child to predict what will happen next at a natural point in a story.
    • Ask your child if he or she liked the way the book ended. If not, ask how he or she might change it.
    • Children often choose to read or listen to the same books over and over.  Go for it ! This repetition helps your child with vocabulary, word recognition, and story sequence, among other important skills.