Follett is our school library’s management system.  It is a catalogue for our library collection.  If you or your child is looking for a particular book, you can use Follett to see if it is available in our school library.  


    To use Follett, you first simply click on the link below.  This will take you directly to a page with all of the Hillsdale Schools’ links.



    Once on the page, you begin by clicking on the Ann Blanche Smith School link.  This will take you to our school’s library collection.  It is from here where you can search by title, author, subject, series, or even keyword.

    This is an amazing resource that the children will be using in class to find particular titles that they would like to read.  I encourage them to use this tool at home as well, in order to search through our collection to see what wonderful books are available for them to read.
Last Modified on August 4, 2016