What is Coding?
     Coding is how you are able to read this right now. Coding is what makes your tablet, music players, and phone applications work. Coding powers the digital world we live in. Coders and programmers are architects and builders for the digital world.
    "Code.org brings computer science to every student in every school.  Code Studio enables even our youngest students to learn to build a basic animation or app in elementary school, and then share it to a friend’s phone within minutes." (Code.org 9/14)
     We are participating in the Hour of Code event which will take place during Computer Education week, December 9-15, 2019.  Click here for more information on what the Hour of Code is all about.
    At Meadowbrook we use Kodable as one option to learn about coding.  Click here to access Kodable.  Your child will login using their teacher's last name. 
    Check out some more resources for coding: