• In addition to this pullout program, I also push-in to every K-3 classroom for a for a full year enrichment curriculum.  This push-in program includes a Social Emotional Learning curriculum called Peekapak as well as a Higher Level Thinking Skils curriculum called 'PETS' (Primary Education Thinking Skills), which focuses on six different learning styles such as: Creative, Inventive, Logical, Analytical, Visual/Spatial, and Evaluative thinking.
    Week of March 30th Assignment:

    1)  Log onto your Google Classroom KQ page for this Week's 1 Minute Math Mystery #3 - TOSS UP! - please submit and share your answers with me and your class "publicly" by adding a comment to the KQ Google Classroom Page.


    2) 30 minutes of coding on Code.org or CS-First

    Week of March 23rd Assignment:
    Please log onto your Google Classroom KQ page for your assignment
    You will read TWO one-minute mysteries & answer the questions via Google Classroom 
    You may also continue coding on CS-First or Code.org
    4th Grade KQ 2019-2020
    Please spend 1 hour (or more) coding once a week at home.  You have 2 options.....
    1) Code.org - click on the URL below:(Meadowbrook students - please email Mr. V for your code.org Username & PW)
    2) CS-First - click on the URL below (type Username & PW and your Passport) You may work on ANY and ALL Activities!


    Click below to download and print KQ General Expectations & Agreement Form:

    KQ Agreement Form


    STEM Engineering Challenge #1 - Jump Frog, Jump!


    • Design a Tower strong enough to hold a frog using 3" x 5" inch index cards 
    • Tower must be EXACTLY 24 inches high (no higher or lower)
    • Can only use the materials provided:
      • 100 Index Cards
      • 20 inches of masking tape



    UNPLUGGED Songwriting Activity Songs:
    You Get What You Give
    Little Bunny Foo Foo: 
    I'm a Nut: 
    3rd Grade KQ Computer Science Curriculum Intro Video:
    Young Learner Coding wesbites:
    Exercises to Super-Charge your brain, your focus, and your concentration: 
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