• Who are School Counselors?

    • School counselors provide solutions to help curb rates of school failure and dropout by addressing broader contexts that include personal, social, emotional, and career development. An Investigation of a Model of Academic Motivation   for School Counseling, M. Scheel and J. Gonzalez, Professional School Counseling, October 2007.
    • School counselors are in a key position to assist schools in their education reform mandates to reduce the achievement gap among low income and minority children. -- Fostering Educational Resilience and Achievement in Urban Schools Through School-Family Community Partnerships, J. Bryan, Professional School Counseling, February 2005.
    • In working with at-risk youth, a 2004 study of middle school students in Baltimore County showed that school counselors helped increase academic achievement, raise career awareness, and improve overall student self-efficacy. -- Impact of Career Intervention on At-Risk Middle School Students’ Career Maturity Levels, Academic Achievement, and Self-Esteem, H.L. Legum, and C. Hoare, Professional School Counseling, December 2004.
    • School counselors, because of their unique training and responsibility, have an influential role of helping students become more engaged in the academic and social arenas within the school. --The Multidimensionality of School Engagement and Math Achievement Among Racial Groups, D. T. Sciarra, and H. J. Seirup, Professional School Counseling, April 2008. 
    • The school counselor is an integral system support for the school-family-community relationship that meet the personal/social, academic, and career needs of a large number of students through collaboration, coordination, and consultation with school and community stakeholders. --An Examination of School Counselor Involvement in School-Family- Community Partnerships, J. Bryan, C. Holcomb-McCoy, Professional School Counseling, June 2007.

    (from ACA, ASCA, and NEA)

     Informative article from Teens Health: https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/school-counselors.html