Meet Mrs. Balzano
    I grew up right here in Bergen County, New Jersey. It seems my roots have stayed firmly planted in Hillsdale since my family moved here in 1996. I attended George G. White Middle School, and I cannot explain just how surreal it is to teach in a district that I attended. Throughout my childhood, I had so many memorable teachers-from my kindergarten teacher who instilled in me a love of learning and just how exciting it could be to use scissors, paper, and glue to my eighth grade science teacher who helped me realize that sometimes getting messy is the best way to learn. I take with me something special and unique from each teacher I’ve had along the way.


    Prior to graduating from Montclair State University with a degree in Human Ecology with a concentration in Early Childhood Education, I spent a semester working at the happiest place on Earth. The time I spent working at Walt Disney World only reinforced just how much I wanted to become a teacher; to do my part to keep the world outside of Disney as fun and happy as possible. There, I saw first hand how bright the smile of a child could shine when one person took the time to look them in the eye and make them feel special. In my classroom, I will strive to make each of my students feel special at least once a day while instilling in each of them the same love of learning that inspired me.
    A few summers ago, I got married and went from being Miss Terranova to Mrs. Balzano! It was the most beautiful day, and Mr. Balzano and I were so happy to have so many of my students and parents come celebrate with us on this very special occasion!
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                 On January 20, 2017 we welcomed Isabella into the world! We couldn't be happier!
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