•   Reader's Notebook
          Reader's notebook is a resource to practice phonemic awareness, phonics, high frequency word (popcorn/trick), and fluency skills.  Reader's Notebook material will reflect what we are currently learning and practicing in class as part of Word Work skills.  Students should review and practice the skill pages that are placed in the Reader's Notebook as part of their weekday homework routine.  Any time spent reading through the notebook may be recorded and included towards Mrs. Gibney's Reading Log assignment.
         Feel free to challenge your child to find word family patterns, identify and name words that rhyme, or go on a word hunt to enrich the word list reading. Additionally, ask your child to show you our tap and blend method of sounding out decodable words. Another activity is to dictate a variety of words and have your child tap/stretch out each sound as they write the word on a separate sheet of paper. They can then practice marking up the word.  An extension activity is to dictate a sentence that includes trick words and decodable words.  Rules for capitalization and punctuation should be included in sentence dictation. We use small dry erase boards during class sometimes to practice word and sentence dictation. It has become one of their favorite practice activities!
         The notebook typically goes home with your child on a Monday and should be returned to school the following Monday (unless otherwise noted). Each Monday, new reading practice pages will be placed in the notebook.  Please note that occasionally the Reader's Notebook will be returned to your child on a Tuesday.
    Thank you for your cooperation and team work as we continue our reading journey together!  
    Please contact me for additional reading practice suggestions or clarification on any of the above!