2019-2020 Review Work for Kindergarten

  • Kindergarten 2019-2020 Review Work


    1. Decodable Readers (Friday – Friday: Return the “Books in the Baggie” by the following Friday) On Friday, the students will bring home their most recent Decodable Reader attached to a binder ring in a Ziplock bag with the previous stories read in class.  The binder ring will be attached when the 2nd Decodable Reader is added.  Please encourage your child to review and read these stories each day. As a suggestion, your child can read to you, their siblings, stuffed animals, or maybe even FaceTime their aunts, uncles, or grandparents!  Also, in your child's folder will be the high-frequency words of the week for your child's review.  Please have your child trace over the words on this page. You and your child can review the words of the week by saying/reading them, spelling/clapping them, and making sentences with them. Once your child has accumulated several high-frequency words, he/she can use them by turning them face down to play a memory-matching game. The children will begin to build their own little library/vocabulary for home review!  Learning these sight words is most beneficial not only in your child's reading progress this year, but it will be an asset to your child's first attempt at Writer's Workshop. 

    2. Math Vocabulary Cards  With each new unit of study in math, the students will bring home their "My Vocabulary Cards" practice page(s) from the workbook. Please sit down to review these important math words/terms each day with your child. Once the cards on the worksheet are cut apart, have your child trace the words on the front/back of each card. The students will begin to accumulate at home their own collection of math words/terms to be used as reinforcement of the math language being used in the classroom! Please DO NOT return these vocabulary cards to school. 

    3. Letter of the Week (Friday– Monday: Return the “Letter of the Week” pictures or words on Monday) The“Letter of the Week” will be sent home every Friday (when we begin to introduce one letter per week-usually by mid-October). Over the weekend, please have your child look for pictures or words that begin with the letter of the week. You can find these items in magazines, books, newspapers, or by even using clip art. Please send in from home the pictures or words every Monday with your child’s name written on the back. During the week, the class will make a poster of pictures and words to share which will be hung in the classroom. (Please send in no more than 3-4 examples).

    4. Reading Log (Monday-Sunday: Return to class the following Monday)


    Read 5-10 minutes each day and fill in log.

    Review Reading High-Frequency Words and Math Vocabulary Words